Information Tracking

Cataphora technology can help you track the movement and use of information within your enterprise and beyond. This is essential to identification of key employees involved in the creation and distribution of information and to proactive monitoring of information spread. A proactive approach makes you ready to respond rapidly in the event of any issues with inappropriate dissemination of information. In addition, Cataphora has the technology to allow you to forestall the deliberate disclosure of sensitive data by detecting early warning signs of an insider becoming a possible threat.

Spread of information

Tracking the movement and use of information can provide important insight into how information is being used, and also into the people who create, handle, and consume it. By understanding how and where information is moving within your organization you can:

  • Identify creators of content that is widely reused – these are typically valuable individuals whom you particularly want to recognize and retain
  • Determine influencers – those individuals who, while not necessarily creating content, influence what information others pay attention to and thus, help shape what is deemed important
  • Understand how far critical information has been disseminated
  • Track sources of unauthorized distribution of information
  • Act preemptively to close down potential leaks

Cataphora’s patented Textblock™ detection technology provides powerful and unique information tracking capabilities. Because it does not rely on simply recognizing direct copies of a document, it can help identify the spread of ideas communicated in much more subtle ways than by means of outright copying. There are far more subtle ways in which ideas can be spread than direct copying: information can be passed on with small changes to the original wording, evolving in the manner of an Internet meme.

Our Textblock technology can identify telltale reuse of short language fragments that indicate ideas may have been copied from a single source and reused in other contexts. Textblock detection technology can identify the common provenance of such ideas, expressed in multiple occurrences and circumstances. It can identify these different yet similar communications to piece together a trail leading back to the original, or to determine how far the information has spread.

If information is being inappropriately circulated within an organization, proactive monitoring can help detect this. If this is done early enough, it may be possible to address the problem before someone, perhaps unaware of the sensitive nature of the information, makes it publicly available.

Data leaks

Textblock technology can also be deployed to investigate data leaks after they have happened. It can be used, for example, to identify documents related to your organization that have become publicly available by some unauthorized means, and to determine precisely what sensitive information has been compromised and to what extent.

For purposes of investigation, getting the fullest possible picture of what has been leaked – even non-sensitive information – can help narrow down the field of possible leakers to those who might have had the opportunity to access the exact set of leaked information.

Early detection of potential leakers

In addition to tracing the spread of information, Cataphora’s analytics solutions, developed over years of practical experience in modeling and investigating the behavior of individuals and organizations, provide you with a unique ability to detect early warning signs that indicate the possibility of an insider becoming a threat.

Except in a situation of sudden outside pressure, such as severe financial difficulties, blackmail, or overt threats, a content and motivated employee will not suddenly decide to release data. While an employee might have a variety of motives for such an action, including financial gain or personal satisfaction, such things do not occur overnight or in isolation: a pattern of anomalous behavior generally develops over time. This is often indicative of a disgruntled employee and can be identified by means of Cataphora’s advanced technology.

Unique capability

Cataphora offers a unique and important capability for any organization that is serious about data loss prevention. Diligently monitoring the spread of ideas within and outside the organization, quickly following and, as necessary, dealing with the spread of information, and proactively identifying potential bad actors are capabilities that are essential to preserving the security of your data.

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