About Cataphora

We live and work in a world in which shorter, fragmentary communications in the form of text and instant messages have replaced long, carefully constructed documents and emails. Professionals are increasingly conducting business transactions through informal communication channels, thanks in part to the rapidly evolving functionality of mobile devices. Anyone with Internet access can easily publish and widely distribute digital content, using personal blogs or social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. The pace of change in the digital world is startling but, luckily, the founders of Cataphora anticipated these trends, and their implications, back in 2002.

We understand human behavior in the digital world

With several patents awarded and a decade of experience applying our technology to the modeling of individual and organizational behavior, Cataphora is uniquely positioned to address the disruptive trends and challenges the digital world presents.

These trends make it increasingly difficult for organizations to monitor, control and analyze their business processes. At the same time, the consequences of failing to do so grow exponentially as we delve deeper into the digital world. Cataphora has developed award-winning, sophisticated technologies for understanding patterns of individual and organizational behavior to help our customers find answers to challenging questions, many of which were previously unsolvable.

We’re not afraid of difficult problems, nor are we afraid of doing things differently than other companies

From the very beginning, Cataphora was built around a fundamental and long-term vision for a new type of core technology, with applications in many strategic markets. We set out to pay our own way, funding our development from customer revenues. By applying our technology primarily in the legal space for more than nine years, we largely accomplished this goal. In May 2011, we sold the Cataphora Legal Business Unit to Ernst & Young. Now, we’re investing the proceeds from the transaction to build, market, and sell the very best behavioral modeling and monitoring systems to meet the needs of Fortune 1000 companies and government customers.

Driven by constant technological innovation and a unique company culture

Even after being in business for ten years, we’re still driven by constant technological innovation and an employee-owned startup culture. We are proud of our past accomplishments and look forward to continuing to help our customers thrive in an often challenging and unpredictable digital world.

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