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Insider Threat Technology and Compliance

Randy Le’Moine Photography / FlickrSince the high profile Raj Rajaratnam / Galleon case a couple of years ago, insider trading – both the reality and the mere perception of it – have necessarily climbed atop the list of concerns of many financial institutions. A recent cover story in Fortune highlighted the issue. The teaser for the story described it as follows: “It’s about what insider trading is, why it’s so hard to define, why prosecutors and regulators like it that way, and why analysts don’t.” This dynamic is already starting to change the meaning of compliance in financial services. Learn More »

Cataphora in the news

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Posted On September 15th, 2013
Pictures Make Sense of Big Data
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Posted On September 12th, 2013
Wer böse ist, bestimmt der Kunde
Posted On July 23rd, 2013
Big data analysis for insider threat detection
Cataphora appeared on NHK TV in Japan recently as part of a "Big Data" story on analyzing large scale social networks.
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Posted On June 25th, 2013
Jeder ist Teil des Spiels

Ego: The Game of Life

Frank Schirrmacher’s latest book, “Ego: The Game of Life” features a 9-page interview with Cataphora CEO Elizabeth Charnock. The book, which for several weeks was #1 on the Non-Fiction Bestseller List in Germany analyzes the societal impact of computers. The book describes how people increasingly depend on machines, relying on them to make, or at least assist in making, their decisions. Schirrmacher is a renowned commentator on technology, politics, and society, and co-publisher of the leading national German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. Learn more »

The book, titled Ego: Das Spiel des Lebens (Ego:The Game of Life), is now available in Germany.